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Kimberly Sullo
3 months ago

The class was very informative and taught my son and I so many lifesaving lessons. Amazing class!

Yehuda Mor
4 months ago

excellent instructor, great class.

Peter Nielsen
4 months ago

The class was well taught. I learned the skills that are needed to be a safe Boater. I would recommend this class to anyone. 5 Star Rating from me.

Danis Claros j
4 months ago

My best experience in that class it was a really nice teacher and explain everything point a to point B. Is the best place to get your your boat and JetSki license

Elnatan Chasser
5 months ago

john cush
5 months ago

Informative, practical, the day goes fast

Carmen Benitez
5 months ago

The instructor was excellent, and I recommend this course to everyone because it can save lives. Many people need to realize the importance of following rules, so they can prevent a tragedy from occurring. Being on a boat can be a lovely experience, but take the course so you can learn the rules and safety recommendations so it can be a wonderful experience.

Rory Sadoff
6 months ago

outstanding start to finish

B Khan
6 months ago

10 Stars. Amazing class & Amazing instructor. So happy I went with them.

Chris Lawlor
6 months ago

Kathleen Palafox
6 months ago

Allan was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Carl Cipriano
8 months ago

Very informative & professional presentation.

6 months ago